I am Lori

Lori makes purpose-driven stories that win the internet. Hi.


Hi, I am Lori.

I am a writer/director Based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

I work with clients large and small, full time and part time, to create stories and content that do what they're supposed to — be memorable and make you feel something.

This is how we win the internet. 

Currently I'm the full time explainer-in-chief (aka Director of Content) for Sayspring, a startup that's going to be the reason you like talking to non-humans. Trust me on this one!

I am directing.

...video-first branding campaigns for brands and for emerging candidates and political movements.

I’ve co-directed promos and shorts for Academy Award nominees, created and directed promotional vids for startups, I’ve written and directed a short film starring Cameron Diaz’s body double, and have co-written a satirical short featuring a SHOWTIME star

Watch my video and content work in its longer forms over here.

I am hiding.

...from the mainstream news! 

But you can find me on Twitter. Po-te-weet!


Break you off a piece of this.


Work with Lori

I keep a small roster of clients, in addition to developing directing projects.

If you're a seeking ///

  • creative direction
  • video direction
  • video-first branding
  • strategic content consulting
  • a creative partner in your next film, music video or commercial project... 

Or if you just wanna grab a coffee and chat —

I'd love to hear from you


Winning at so much more than just the internet


I'm the founder of multiple platforms, movements and creative content initiatives.

ideas can be Real things. 

I'm the founder of the American Neighbor's Pen Pal Project (We pair urban kids with rural pen pals --- 2,000 kids matched and counting) 

I'm co-founder of "Who Should I Cheer For Today?" - a resource and newsletter celebration of cheer-worthy athletes

I'm host and creator of "Won't You Be?" — a podcast that explores the neighborly lessons of Mr. Rogers. We've just launched our teaser ... more episodes in the Fall.

I'm co-founder of The Resistance Donut, a sweet little way for folks to show they resist things like police brutality and systemic racial inequality. Donut Hurt My Friends! (tm) ;) 

Co-founder of Cool People for HIllary, featured in the New York Times.

Founder of SaveDaptone.com, quite possibly the world's first micro-donation crowdfunding site, something I hand coded in ancient HTML in 2009 just to see if I could help out a friend using the internet. (I could.)  

If you meet a "content person" and they don't have 500 side content projects, then you have not met a content person. Pass go and then come talk to me.


Overheard about Lori



and they're kinda nice

“Lori is extremely creative and quite hilarious. Her artistic abilities are truly enviable and she is, above all, passionate about her craft.  Not only does she have her finger on the pulse of pop-culture, but she’s also down to earth and enjoys beer and meat. Often together. I would recommend Lori to any director or producer seeking to work with fresh, funny, and professional talent.”

- TAIKA WAITITI: Director, BOY, What We Do IN Shadows, Thor: Ragnarok

"Talk about integrity, self-confidence and follow-through! I met Lori when she applied for a position I was hiring for. The job wasn't a fit, but she got back in touch when she landed at the Economist to learn more about what Google could offer. Then, as she was moving on from there, she made sure I got squarely in touch with her now-former colleagues -- and we've now made a great connection. It's a rare person who can follow through to connect someone who didn't hire her for a job with a former employer, but that's Lori." 

- JESSE FRIEDMAN: almost-client ;) 

"Lori isn't just a bright shiny [content] maker. She has such deep, well-informed thoughts about the structure that facilitates creativity to flow, and I always look to her to help pinpoint what's not working for me."

"Lori brings so much life to both her writing and our team."

"She is joy and sincerity personified. My Lori and savior!! She is a lifesaver and is always around to do some peer brainstorming. I learn so much from her daily. I am so happy to be on the team with her.

"Lori is my metaphor loving, real talk buddy who makes work more fun. <3"

"She writes the most creative [stories] and finds a fascinating angle for everything she covers."

"She always has the backs of her fellow writers, has an amazing "take no BS" way of living, and has some mad, mad, mad, mad writing skillz. <3"

“L is for the LOLz
O is for the O Team.
R is for the Real talk.
I is for...integrity? Yeah I'll go with that."

"You know that moment when you've hit a creative wall? Lori will take the time to help brainstorm around it (or over it, or under it). That's a huge help."

"This woman is a badass, plain and simple. She's always brewing up some great story, and at the same time, always willing to help her teammates out. We're not sure exactly how you do it all, but we're so thankful."

- taken from anonymous "APPRECIATIONS" threat while working at Upworthy.com